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Corporate Overview

HS1 Medical Management, Inc. (HS1) is a privately held Third Party Administrator "Care Management Organization"  which delivers a portfolio of integrated services.

Established in 1995, the company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

HS1's goal is to maintain a position of market leadership in the provision of comprehensive, integrated, products and services that support the delivery of quality, cost-efficient health care.

Core Services:

  • Third Party Administration
  • Claims Processing
  • Premium Billing
  • Eligibility
  • EDI
  • Medical Management
  • Disease Management
  • Member Services
  • Risk Management

Strategic Assets:

  • Experienced Senior Management
  • Integrated Systems and Services
  • Strong Technological Infrastructure

Experience & Vision: A Powerful Combination 

HS1 understands the complex needs of clients because it has a proven track record in managing global medical risk. Major health plans have delegated the full complement of administrative and medical management functions to HS1 under global risk arrangements.

As part of your relationship with HS1 Medical Management, you'll enjoy the benefit of working with an exceptional team of managed care professionals. They possess a successful track record of developing and managing health care delivery systems and have extensive experience in providing a full array of medical management and administrative services.

Take the first step toward building a successful managed care relationship for tomorrow.

Placing some or all of your back office operations with HS1 will significantly reduce overhead and improve medical margins. Working with a single company in a service bureau environment simplifies the process and allows you to focus on what you do best.

HS1 has a flexible fee structure in order to meet the program requirements of its clients. Just a few of the options include; percent premium reimbursements, per employee/per month administrative fees, per case or per claim rates or percentages of savings.

No matter what your needs, HS1 will work diligently to structure a long-term, mutually beneficial managed care arrangement. So don't delay. Contact us today and put HS1 Medical Management to work for you. You'll soon find that despite the many challenges in navigating today's turbulent managed care waters, it takes just ONE good relationship to keep you on a steady course.